What We Can Do for You

Laser of Utah

Exhibit Installation & Dismantle

Prior to your show, we will make the necessary arrangements for the arrival of your exhibit, including carpet and padding rental.

Once your booth arrives, our highly-trained labor force efficiently assembles your exhibit.  An experienced manager is also on-site to supervise the installation process. Continued support is always available during the trade show should any unforeseen problems arise.

Following the show, our professionals dismantle and pack your exhibit with the same care as during the assembly process.  Should you need any more assistance, a Laser representative is ready and available to help!

Permanent Installations

Our expertise extends past the tradeshow floor to include permanent installation of displays and exhibits in retail outlets, museums, special events, graphics installation and more.

Laser of Utah
Laser of Utah

Graphics Installation & Production

Our reliable graphics production team understands the importance of timing in the trade show business and the essential nature of immediate order fulfillment and special delivery to the event location. We can easily handle your emergency needs.

Corporate Meetings/Special Events

Laser Exhibitor Service is available to coordinate your event from beginning to end.

Our professionals will provide you with any rental items and assistance you may need to ensure you are ready prior to the start as well as handling any additional requests during your event.

After a successful meeting, we will carefully pack up your properties and send everything to your desired location.

Laser of Utah

Storage & Transportation

We offer affordable long and short-term storage options as well as transportation arrangements to and from the event venue.